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Saint Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy is dedicated to living the principles of the Catholic Tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ which allows students to learn to serve God and others, to develop their unique talent and skills, to strive for academic excellence, and to become life-long learners. 

Engage - Educate - Empower

St. Andrew is home to students ranging from Nursery through 8th grade. St. Andrew Avellino’s Catholic identity is lived daily by the faculty, staff, and students in order to prepare them for a positive spiritual life. Our students take pride in attending church on a weekly basis and reaching out to the community and providing community service. Our school offers a great education enabling each student to reach their highest potential. Recently all our eighth graders have been accepted to the Catholic high school of their choice and many were accepted to a specialized high school. The school not only shines academically, scoring top in Terra Nova and State testing but also boasts an excellent art and music program. The students can enjoy both music and art as a part of the daily curriculum or take part in one of the afterschool programs. The students are exposed to afterschool music ensembles such as chorus, percussion, strings, piano, guitar and beginner or advanced band. Our art program hosts an exhibit annually where all are welcome to experience works of art done by students of all grades. Our full size gymnasium allows the students to enjoy a much needed Physical Education program, as well as offer a home to many team sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball. Our enriched afterschool program includes Chess, Lego Club, Debate Club and an enhanced Science program in our brand new state of the art STEM lab. Our principal was recently awarded the Catholic School Administrators Association of New York State’s “Lighting the Fire for Catholic Education” Award in Albany. Our faculty and staff along with our parents strive to make the school a safe and positive learning environment. Saint Andrew Avellino is a home away from home!



Thinking back on my St. Andrew’s days produces the same reaction for me that a child has when their mother agrees to them having another piece of cake: pure happiness. Not only did St. Andrew’s provide me with an education, but to this day, I believe that it laid the foundation for my life. It instilled in me values of hard work, patience, perseverance, and a drive to want more. I am who I am in part due to my Catholic education from St. Andrew’s. As I think back on my childhood, I remember the educators that have molded me into the person I am today. Each one of them taught me something unique, but the common thread holding them together was that they cared about the development and success of the individual. Above it all, I attribute my success in life to having a Catholic education. Having been given a strong sense of faith, with an emphasis on the importance of having God at the center of my life, I now have the strength to not fall when faced with challenges and adversity. St. Andrew’s has given me the necessary tools to accel and be successful in the world and for that I am grateful.  -Rebecca R. Class of 2012



Dear Mrs. Hanna,

It comes late, two years after my son, J of Class 2016, has graduated from St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy. This letter has been long due.


I was cleaning up a pile of old paper yesterday, and found my husband had placed J's Graduation book from St. Andrew, in the wrong place! Reading through the book, finding ALL the kids are going to good schools, drives me strongly to write this letter that I have been thinking to write but have not.

It is amazing how you have helped my son achieve what he is now, going to St. Francis Prep. and was accepted to Aviation High School, from a boy with learning disability. I am truly grateful for what you have put in for him! The school's loving environment has nurtured him to become the best of him, -an amazing result that I am still wondering how it can be done! You and my husband have done such a great job!

I came from China, and I believe in a Buddhist School, I am not a hundred percent believing in spending money to go to a Catholic school instead of using a free public education, so I have not recommended any one to your school. Seeing the results and observing 9 years of my son's school days in your school, I am now willing to recommend this school to anyone who has interest.

Sincerely yours,

A Mingleren

Minyie Zen Mom of J of Class 2016

 When I think about what shaped me to become the person that I am today, a recent graduate of the University of Michigan with degrees in Neuroscience and Business, I can’t help but recount my incredible experience while at St. Andrew Avellino. St. Andrew Avellino was so much more to me than a school; it was a family. Its nurturing and motivating environment taught me to believe in myself, to always strive to be the best version of who I could be, and to embrace my curiosities. I owe a great deal of my self-confidence to my experience as part of this family. With an emphasis on public speaking at such a young age through monthly oratorical poem recitations and oral biography reports, I found that at the university, I was the one volunteering to present to the class for group assignments. To this day I am a grammar nerd thanks to its strong incorporation in the St. Andrew’s curriculum. With such a number of extracurriculars, my growth was influenced by more than just academics! Early on in my St. Andrew’s career, I established a sense of teamwork in gym class and on the after school track team, explored my creative side with art class and guitar lessons every week, navigated the technological world with the stock market game and Microsoft office in computer class, and found a sense of community as older students are encouraged to engage in service opportunities and volunteer with younger students and help out teachers. Mrs. Hanna, the head of this family, has maintained a consistent role in my life as the relationship has grown from principal to mentor. I know that I can always reach out for words of wisdom or an ear to listen. If I haven’t emphasized this idea of a family enough, I am still friends with the girls I sang with in the 8th grade talent show. You could say St. Andrew’s introduces you to friends for a lifetime. - Alyssa M. Class of 2010 

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