First Grade

Common Core curriculum lessons are given in mathematics, writing, reading, science and social studies. Students also receive instruction in religion, and participate in enrichment classes (art, music, computer, physical education, and library).

  • Mathematics – Focus is placed on addition and subtraction strategies, numbers and operations, and algebraic thinking in base ten. Additional skills include measurement, data collection and interpretation, geometry and three dimensional shapes.
  • Writing – Lessons encompass basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, phonics and spelling. Students will practice reading fluently, work on reading comprehension, and work in guided reading groups.
  • Science – Students deepen their understanding of plants, animals, weather, magnets, the earth’s land and water, and what it means to be fit and healthy. Experiments will be conducted in the STEM lab, and students will become familiar with the scientific method.
  • Social Studies – “Preparing Tomorrow’s Citizens Today” is the theme of the social studies curriculum. Students learn about the different kinds of communities, jobs, what it means to be a good citizen, geography, different landforms and the importance of taking care of our environment and natural resources.
  • Religion – students learn about God’s creation and love for all people. We focus on the Greatest Commandment that Jesus taught, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” and become familiar with religious vocabulary, the sacraments, and how to be better followers of Jesus.