Our Kindergarten students begin to transition to the primary learning years, through a structured day of learning the different disciplines. Assessments are taken to track the students’ progress in each area.

  • Religion – The children learn that God made everything; learn how God wants us to be kind to people, animals and nature; and learn basic prayers and songs. When possible, they will attend Mass.
  • Mathematics – The students learn to identify, write and count 0-20; to do addition and subtraction and measurement; to identify two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, ordinal numbers, positional words; and to count to 100 by tens and ones.
  • Language Arts – The children focus on letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, and short and long vowel sounds; learn to identify the sounds in different parts of words, to blend the sounds into words and read simple sentences, and identify sight words. They are also exposed to different types of text such as poems, nursery rhymes, fiction and non-fiction selections.
  • Writing – The children learn to write their first and last names, to write letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers 0-20, and simple words. They learn to write simple sentences about a chosen topic.
  • Science – The children explore the four seasons, weather, healthy habits, the food groups, and arctic animals. They also learn in the STEM lab about tools used in science, measurement, symmetry, and the five senses.
  • Social Studies – Students learn about the different holidays in the year and important people in history, community helpers and families, as well as fire safety skills.
  • Music and Art – The children attend music class once a week. Music and Art are also incorporated into all of the other subjects as well.