Children in Pre-Kindergarten are offered the opportunity to grow in faith and learning while exploring the world around them. Our goal is to foster a caring community of learners through a rich learning experience that encourages participation, develops vocabulary, fosters positive self-esteem, and invites exploration and curiosity. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that integrates social, cognitive and academic domains. Our program aims to develop a foundation in the following areas:

  • Religion – Faith formation begins with prayer and learning that they are cared for and safe in the knowledge of God’s love. Bible stories, craft song and prayer further develop this knowledge.
  • Math – Children learn about math concepts through active play art and song: sorting, shapes, counting/comparing patterns.
  • Science – We explore the world around us, outside, in the classroom and through the use of technology and experiments.
  • Language and Literacy – Through literature, students learn academic skills that promote reading readiness: letter/sound recognition, vocabulary development, rhyming, elements of literature, sight word recognition. Crafts, song, dance, charades and writing are used to promote letter recognition and phonemic awareneness. Storytelling and play acting help to nurture a love of reading.
  • Art – Students are introduced to some of the classical art forms as a means of learning how to write, draw, and express themselves.
  • Music – Music is integrated into the classroom curriculum to include math concepts, science, vocabulary, rhymes, rhythm and movement. Children attend music class weekly.
  • Physical Education – Children attend gym class twice a week. Excercise helps both fine motor and gross motor development while students engage in structured activities designed to be fun and safe.
  • Emotional Literacy – children are taught the language of feelings to promote the values of empathy, friendship, tolerance, cooperation, and respect.