For Parents and Guardians

FACTS Tuition Management

As of September 2020, Catholic Schools within the Brooklyn Diocese have been using FACTS as its tuition management system. Parents will be able to set up tuition payment schedules and payment methods. Click button below to set up or log in to your account.

FACTS System Parent FAQs

FACTS is a tuition management company designed to make tuition collection simpler for families as well as academies. It helps families to track the charges and discounts each student is receiving. In turn, this provides the academy better reporting.

A major benefit of FACTS is the ability to process automatic drafts of the payer’s bank account or credit card. FACTS offers an invoicing option as well. With this option, an invoice will be sent to the payer (via email or postal mail) 20 calendar days prior to the payment due date. The payer must then initiate payment either by using a credit card or bank account online, over the phone, or by mailing a check directly to FACTS. Families are encouraged to pay via automatic draft.

FACTS also allows for flexible payment options. Common options are monthly payments, three trimester payments, and a payment in full.

By standard practice, FACTS will send payment reminders prior to any due date, returned payment notices in the case of a failed payment, and will make automated phone calls to delinquent payers. Payers who fail to communicate with the academy and resolve the delinquency through a payment schedule approved by the academy will result in suspension of services for the student.

Academy Handbook and School Policies

Please read through the parent handbook and school policies.

Before and After School

Early Morning Drop Off: The Early Morning Drop-Off Program is available from September to June for students in all grades.

After School Program: The After School Center is open from September to June and is offered to all students in Grades Nursery through 6th Grade. The After School Center is open every school day beginning at dismissal time and closes promptly at 6 P.M. There is a $10 charge for a late pickup.

School Uniforms

Flynn O’Hara Uniforms is the official store for St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy school uniforms. You may purchase uniforms at their store location in Glendale, NY, or online at

You can download the lists of boys uniforms and girls uniforms that Flynn O’Hara carries.

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