Gift Cards Fundraiser – from November 9 to November 23, 2021.

clipart of gift cards

St. Andrew Avellino Catholic  Academy will be having our Gift Card Fundraiser from November 9th to November 23rd.  We will be selling Gift Cards to over 100 different stores, restaurants and online shopping.  With every purchase, St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy earns a percentage in return.

We are beginning this fundraiser in time for Christmas shopping.  You will have your Gift Cards in plenty of time before the Christmas holiday.  This would be a great time to purchase gift cards for your loved ones, babysitters, teachers, etc. for the holidays.

The gift cards can be used to make regular household purchases that would have been made anyway!  You do not pay anymore than the face value of the gift card and there are no activation fees.  This is a convenient way to do shopping all from the comfort of  your own home!!

Please take a look at the order form on the reverse side and think about purchasing gift cards for the fundraiser.  If there are stores that you shop regularly, please consider buying cards for future use.  

An item you may be interested in on the order form is the Gift Card Wrappers (10 in a pack) for just $2.  The gift cards do not come with a cardboard wrapper, so remember to add these to your order if you are interested in giving the cards as gifts. You will find them on the order form under “Xtra Stuff”. 

We would ask that all orders be returned to the Academy no later than Tuesday, November 23rd. 

Please download and complete the order form on the reverse side as well as fill in the information on the cover page and return it to the Academy with your payment in an envelope marked Gift Card Fundraiser.  Checks should be made payable to St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy.

Thank you and Happy Shopping!!