Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

principal Debora Hanna St Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy

Welcome to Saint Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy. The academy is a community of faith and learning where dedicated and caring staff work together to provide a quality education in the Roman Catholic tradition. We are committed to offering a rigorous academic program that teaches the Gospel values, supports the education of the whole child, provides a safe environment, and promotes preparing students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens serving God and others.

The academy is exceptional because of the highly qualified teachers and administrator. They embrace student development and use a comprehensive approach to education. Teachers treasure the stimulating atmosphere at Saint Andrew and each student’s genuine engagement in learning. Our staff is committed to faith-based education and contributing to the spiritual and educational transformation of each child. They have high expectations for the students and create learning opportunities to stimulate and challenge the individual needs and talents of their students.

Saint Andrew is a welcoming community where each student is known personally. No one is treated as a number. Once they walk through the doors of St. Andrew’s, they immediately become part of the family. The atmosphere is organically positive and all students are encouraged to embrace learning and strive to reach their greatest potential. Parents actively participate in school activities whether fundraisers, school trips, or sports; they contribute to the liveliness and family atmosphere of the academy. Likewise, Saint Andrew Avellino Church is a partner invested in both the spiritual and educational growth of our pupils. We are a reflection of the larger Flushing area as a diverse, inclusive and dynamic school.

My advice is to visit and see what makes Saint Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy a special place. Explore our academy and witness our happy and involved students and teachers. Speak with an alum to learn how a Saint Andrew education launched their educational journey. Finally, please drop in and chat with me. I will always make myself available to answer all your questions. I am committed to helping you make the most informed decision concerning your child’s education and will work diligently to ensure they flourish in our school.

Saint Andrew is not just a school or a community but a family. We care deeply for our students from the moment they join our school to the day they graduate and beyond. However, our graduates never say good-bye. The rich, memorable and life-changing experience that is Saint Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy leaves an indelible mark that keeps them connected as they regularly share with us their many personal and professional accomplishments. We know Saint Andrew is extraordinary; we are certain you and your child will discover this as well.

God bless,
Ms. Debora Hanna