Student Life

students with awards

St. Andrew Avellino is a welcoming community where each student is known personally. No one is treated as a number. Once they walk through the doors of St. Andrew’s, they immediately become part of the family. The atmosphere is organically positive, and all students are encouraged to embrace learning and strive to reach their greatest potential.

Our unique and innovative curriculum adds engineering design thinking and the arts to the traditional disciplines. It is regulated by the State of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn. The major subject areas – English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science – adhere to the Common Core curriculum requirements. In addition to these main subjects, students receive instruction in Religion, and enrichment classes in Technology, Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education.

Our state-of-the-art STEM Lab offers our students in PreK to 8th grade experiential learning through weekly Lab Learner lessons. Technology used to enhance our education includes interactive flat panels, Chromebooks, iPads, and Google Classroom. Google Meet, Zoom and Flipgrid were also used to seamlessly transition to the remote learning platform in Spring 2020.

In 2019, St. Andrew’s received a $100,000 Ambassadors Award for the Fine Arts Grant to enhance the current Music and Art program. New musical instruments and art supplies were purchased with the grant. St. Andrew’s also received a $6,000 Aquinas grant for the Magic Garden to Magic Kitchen program to teach the science of growing seeds to vegetation, the science of cooking, and the role of vegetation in social studies.

Students receive weekly Physical Education instruction, which utilizes our full-size gymasium and equipment to learn various sports and exercises.

Eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in Regents-level Algebra math and Living Environment science courses and exams, which will apply New York State Regents credit to their high school academic records.

Our highly qualified teachers and administrators embrace student development and use a comprehensive approach to education. Teachers treasure the stimulating atmosphere and each student’s genuine engagement in learning. Our staff is committed to faith-based education and contributing to the spiritual and educational transformation of each child. Students are held to high standards and given learning opportunities that stimulate and challenge their individual needs and talents.