Support St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy

Annual Walk-A-Thon

TRADITION is an important element in keeping a school and a community alive and full of spirit.  One tradition at St. Andrew's is our Annual Walk-a-thon, which is scheduled this year on Friday, October 12th.  All our students (friends and family) are invited to help raise money for our school.  The students will ask friends, neighbors, relatives and local merchants to sponsor them and underwrite their commitment to their walk.  This is an opportunity for others in our lives and communities to help us meet the cost of educating our future adults.  Unlike  tuition payments, contributions to fundraisers are generally tax deductible. 

Box Tops for Education

Purchase participating products, collect and then submit the Box Tops to the St. Andrew's.  Collected Box Tops are redeemed by the school for an equivalent dollar amount. 


Using a mobile phone app, submit images of store receipts to Shoparoo to earn points for St. Andrew's.  At the end of each cycle, the points are redeemed for an equivalent dollar amount.

Stop N Shop and Peapod

Register your Stop 'N Shop savings card and earn points for St. Andrew's each time you use the card when grocery shopping at Stop 'N Shop and online at  Points are redeemed for an equivalent dollar amount.  To participate, associate your savings card with our School ID #08818.

The Mother's Club

Established in 1925, the Mother's Club remains a tradition at St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy. We host various events to raise funds for the school, and provide the students and parents opportunities to come together as a community.  Parents are strongly encouraged to participate.

Your support to St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy is greatly appreciated.