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Parent Testimonials

Our Academy parents describe how their children are thriving at St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy:

“St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy (SAACA) is the best place we can imagine for our child. We chose SAACA for the exceptional academic program and the high level of teacher involvement. Since Nursery, our child has felt nurtured and valued by the teachers. The children receive all the guidance they need academically, personally and socially. The teachers are very caring and dedicated. Every grade level teacher we’ve had has created a very positive and memorable experience for our child. The faculty and students create a community that is safe and supportive and builds social confidence. Communication between the principal, teachers and parents is very reassuring. SAACA has brought out the best in our child. It is a wonderful place to learn and grow. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been impressed by the organization and effort from Ms. Hanna and the faculty to create a safe environment for the children to attend school in person full-time. We really appreciate Ms. Hanna and all the SAACA faculty and staff. This is just another instance in which we are so happy we chose SAACA for our son’s education and are confident we made the right choice.”

~ Carolyn Albanese, 2021

“St. Andrew Avellino has always been my second home. I attended SAACA from kindergarten to 8th grade and I will forever be thankful to my parents for making such an amazing choice when it was time for my brother and I to go to school. That was why, without hesitation, I chose SAACA for my son when I was looking for a nursery program. He is currently in fourth grade. I wanted him to share in the same traditions (Christmas Fair, Halloween Parade, Catholic Schools Week, etc.) that I grew up loving so much. Everything has brought back great memories and I’m so happy to share them with my son as well. Ms. Hanna, the faculty and staff are the most dedicated group of individuals I have ever met and that is why I will always be proud to be part of the St. Andrew Avellino family.”

~ Elena Escobar, 2021

“We have 4 children in SAACA. Our twins started pre-k in 2012, and they are now in 7th grade and will be graduating next year. We also have a son in second grade, and his sister is in Kindergarten. We have had almost every teacher and know every staff, and LOVE them all. Every teacher and every staff knows ALL my children even if they have not taught them. It truly feels like a family with just the right amount of discipline and love. They all have received a truly exceptional education. Lastly, we cannot begin to express how wonderful the principal Mrs. Hanna is. When we were first looking into various catholic schools in the area, meeting her was why we ultimately choose the school. She was humble and confident about her school, and she has continued to be impressive and amazing through the years. You truly feel blessed and grateful to be a part of SAACA.  

~ Jason and Michele Gonzalez, 2021

March 22, 2018

Dear Mrs. Hanna,

It comes late, two years after my son, Joshua Olewnicki of Class 2016, has graduated from St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy.  This letter has been long due.


I was cleaning up a pile of old paper yesterday, and found my husband had placed Joshua’s Graduation book from St. Andrew, in the wrong place!  Reading through the book, finding ALL the kids are going to good schools, drives me strongly to write this letter that I have been thinking to write but have not.

It is amazing how you have helped my son achieve what he is now, going to St. Francis Prep, and was accepted to Aviation High School, from a boy with learning disability.  I am truly grateful for what you have put in for him!  The school’s loving environment has nurtured him to become the best of him, an amazing result that I am still wondering how it can be done!  You and my husband have done such a great job!

I come from China, and I believe in a Buddhist School, I am not a hundred percent believing in spending money to go to a Catholic school instead of using a free public education, so I have not recommended any one to your school.  Seeing the results and observing 9 years of my son’s school days in your school, I am now willing to recommend this school to anyone who has interest.

Sincerely yours,

~ Minyie Zen

“Not many parents can say they have 14 plus years of the “St. Andrews experience.” My two oldest daughters are alumnae, and my 2 youngest sons are currently enrolled in fifth and third grades. I cannot fully express how amazing the current state of the pandemic is being handled by the faculty, Nurse Weber, and especially our Principal/Health Ambassador Mrs. Hanna. Not a single day has passed that I ever felt my children may have been in jeopardy or unsafe in any way. When we went remote last March, the children missed out on actual learning, socialization, and emotional and spiritual growth. St Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy continues to be a safe haven during these difficult times, and for this peace of mind I am grateful.” 

~ Darice Guzman Piotrowski, 2021

“We are so happy to send my son to SAACA each day!  We made the switch from public school to SAACA and it was the best decision. Our son has grown socially, academically and spiritually. He is engaged, happy and he absolutely loves going to school!  In this challenging time, we are so grateful for SAA and all they have done to provide a consistent, safe and nurturing environment for our child. “

~ Jackie Scotto, 2021

“Our school closed suddenly and we were saddened thinking that we could never find another school my son would love. We were wrong. We had heard many wonderful things about SAA from neighborhood parents we met throughout the years. Great things were said about the academics/state test scores, the strong music program and the oratorical component of the education. All turned out to be true.

In our quest for a new school we visited four schools in the area. We chose SAA because we liked your re-opening plan and YOU. Your plan for reopening during this pandemic was so well thought-out, and organized. You made it your mission to open the doors of SAA and keep them open throughout the whole academic year. To date, we’ve only been forced to learn remotely twice since September, and those times were only for a couple of days THANK YOU FOR KEEPING YOUR SCHOOL OPENI! My son has had a wonderful experience so far, socializing with his peers and teachers while learning in the classroom. His teachers are all so patient, kind, and very good. He loves them!

We are so happy we chose St. Andrew’s for my son. He is thriving academically, socially and artistically in every way. Every day he wakes up eager to go to school and every afternoon at pickup he has a smile on his face and is eager to share his day with us! We also appreciate all the “extras” like the art and music classes my son is enjoying in addition to all his other subjects. Your after-school music (guitar) lessons and choir were also unexpected offerings that I know many schools have cut from their budgets. SO many things to be thankful for at St Andrew’s! Bless you for keeping this school open during this pandemic and helping our son make the transition to his new academic “home.”

~ Hannia and Joseph Upton, 2021

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Alumni Testimonials

Members of our alumni recount their most fond memories at St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy:

“Punchball, stickball and ringolevio in the fenced in playground next to the school (now occupied by a school building).”

~ Robert Daoust, Class of 1952

“Three Monahan children attended St. Andrew’s as well as my five children and three on my grandchildren. I am so happy and thrilled to still to be part of this beautiful Parish. We all have wonderful memories of fun times, and the best is the lasting friendships we now share. The best education and thanks go to the Dominican Sisters in the early years and now praise and thanks go to the dedicated teachers that are there now. God Bless St. Andrew’s and keep going.”

~ Joan Monahan Fourman, Class of 1954

“All seven of us in the Lennon family attended SAA as well as my three children, the Linekins. What a wonderful basic education we were provided by all the dear nuns and other staff. How blessed we were.”

~ Kathy Robertson Lennon, Class of 1954

“We were baby boomers, so due to increase in school students, no classroom for some of us. We were in basement of rectory for 8th grade – Sister Mary Mark. What a hoot! Lot of shenanigans going on then. Still keep in touch with my best friends from Flushing: Kathy Lynch, Cathy Garity, June Hope, Dodie Seeley, Jean Reed, Julianne Fenchak. Such good memories. Love coming back from PA and visiting old neighborhood. Such change!”

~ Eileen Quinn Landers, Class 1960

“I loved the Dominican nuns that taught us. “

~ Rosamond Martin, Class 1962

“The wonderful Dominican Sisters and lay Teachers are responsible for the best education my 6 siblings and I could ever ask for.”

~ Mary Jane Fogerty McQuade, Class 1962

“I have wonderful memories of my time spent there. A few things jump out particularly:

  • Clapping erasers outside – and what a treat it was to be given that special job!
  • Recess on the sidewalk outside of school…and the sign pole in concrete that had to be moved at the end of every recess so the cars could go up and down the block again.
  • The uniforms! I can still recall every bit – the snap tie, the green kneesocks, the vest, the yellow shirt, the plaid skirt.
  • The plays in Andrean Hall! I had the particular privilege of playing Marta in “The Sound of Music” one year.
  • The Christmas Fair where we would go shopping for Christmas presents for our families.
  • Going to Church for all the Church feast days…the beauty and solemnity of St. Andrew’s, the smell of incense.
  • Some of the most wonderful teachers, especially Ms. Marciano who became Mrs. Baer. I absolutely adored her…and I was so saddened to hear of her passing.
  • And probably one of my most favorite things…getting to order Scholastic books! (I’m a librarian…should have been a clue to my future!)”

~ Peggy (Pigue) Lopez, Class of 1978

“I vividly enjoyed shopping at the craft/gift fair! Also, “publishing” a book that was in the library. I have wonderful memories of so many great teachers, lay and nuns!”

~ Rosemarie Molina Nowicki, Class 1983

“The friends I made that when I was so little, and the fact that I am still friends with them to this day. St. Andrews was our home.”

~ Patrick Burke, Class of 1985

“Mrs. Hanna was my fave teacher ❤️

~Ashley Corona

“The people, clapping erasers, sweep stakes, all the Nuns teachers! The plays. The most beautiful church”

~ Valerie Pagano D’Arco

“Sports Night!!!!”

~Danny Roman